New batch of Sakura PCMCIA SRAM

21 Oct 2015

Since we have ended the production of Sakura PCMCIA SRAM several people asked me if we are going to make another batch of these cards. Well, we are on our way now to make that happen.

The main problem with original design was the cost of components. The card has (let us say it clearly) modest features and has to be priced accordingly. Having an expensive component like Alliance Memory AS6C3216 (around $20/pcs) was making it difficult for us to produce the card without losing money.

However, recently the ISSI company has introduced a series of new Pseudo-SRAM ICs. So in the newest revision 2.2 of Sakura PCMCIA SRAM, we have changed AS6C3216 to IS66WVE2M16. This also required some changes to the PCB, as previously we have used AS6C3216 in a TSOP-II package, while the new IS66WVE2M16 is only available in TFBGA package.

From the user's point of view, feature set stays exactly the same. We'll open the preorder as soon as prototypes are tested. The price is expected to be lower than the original batch.

Sakura PCMCIA SRAM v2.2

Stay tuned for further updates.